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If you're a digital storyteller or content creator, we want to help you.

Our team has over 20 years of experience personally working with content creators and our clients’ long-term success is our top priority. You’ve done the hard work and built a successful platform with a loyal audience. We’re here to support you as a visionary that influences conversation, commerce, and culture. Here to assist in building, connecting & inspiring your community, as well as get compensated to do what you love. Join our team and let’s start telling stories together.

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We have a 360 approach ranging from strategic guidance, contract negotiation, establishing the right prices to charge, long and short-term brand partnership facilitation, and product co-creations to help establish and grow your personal brand.

We partner with you to develop a custom tailored strategy, to not only build your social media, & branding, but develop additional engagement, increase your loyal followers, and convert them into customers.

Your brand is important and how your audience sees your brand through your social media channels as well as your website is even more important. We can help you build an optimized website in order to capture the most traffic and grow your mailing lists.

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At Eleveight we like to keep our roster smaller to ensure we can intimately manage influencer growth and specific elements of campaign work, but if you’re reading this right now, we are considering adding one or two influencers to our roster.

If you are a content creator and need help monetizing, strategizing, and building partnerships — we can help. Apply to join our roster of exclusively managed digital talent or our influencer network below.

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